Low voltage landscape lighting systems are safe, economical and provide numerous benefits for homeowners. Beauty of home and garden can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic lighting techniques. Lighting can also be used to provide safe access near pools, paths, drives and entry areas. Outdoor lighting additionally increases security by discouraging potential intruders.

One common technique is up lighting, which focuses light and attention onto an object from a low fixture location. The object can be an architectural feature, shrub, or tree.

Path lighting uses low fixtures which direct illuminant down and outward. These fixtures are shielded on top to prevent glare. They are used along walks, stairs and anywhere else that safe night access is required.

Another technique is down lighting or moonlighting. Usually accomplished with bullet type fixtures placed above eye level on a structure (or even in a tree), this technique illuminates general areas for aesthetics, safety, and security. Fixtures and lamps are chosen for the required brightness and width of illumination.

Backlighting, or silhouette lighting, provides a special effect by illuminating a fairly large surface (like a wall) using a wash light fixture. This causes objects in front of the lighting to appear as silhouettes.

The technique of shadowing also uses light directed towards walls, but they are placed in front of the objects, so shadows play on the wall.

Numerous other techniques and combinations of techniques are available to increase your homes beauty, safety, security, enjoyment and value.

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